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Have you ever thought about how to profit on a market where there are no distances and opening hours?

There are over 3 billion internet users in worldwide. 92% of them gather information from the internet prior to making a purchase. For this audience your company does not exist without an online presence.

Most companies would like to profit from the business- and communication opportunities of the internet. Whilst without your online presence many potential clients of yours would find your competition instead of you, a good webpage could help your visitors to learn about your activities or order from you 24 hours a day from the comfort of their homes. Let’s not forget either, that by having a website your activities wil not be limited to the local market.

What is a good website like?

How much do you think a website that fits all of these criteria will cost you?

WordPress websites at an affordable price

You will be surprised. You won’t need to save up for months to have one.

For 400 EUR you can already have a professional, editable, search-engine friendly website. As an extra, you will get a discount from the hosting and domain-registry services, too.

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Our main objective is to distinguish ourselves from our competitors by the quality of our work, our dedication to our clients and by our competitive prices.

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Mini Site

EUR40000one-time fee
  • 1 formatted page
  • 1 formatted blog post
  • WordPress CMS
  • Contact form


EUR60000one-time fee
  • 5 formatted pages
  • 3 formatted blog posts
  • WordPress CMS
  • Contact form
  • Photo gallery
  • Statistics
  • Social media integration


EUR75000one-time fee
  • 8 formatted pages
  • 5 formatted blog posts
  • WordPress CMS
  • Contact form
  • Photo gallery
  • Statistics
  • Social media integration
  • WooCommerce webshop
  • 10 formatted products
  • PayPal, BACS and credit card payments
  • Table rate shipping

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Oasis Tanning Salon - Responsive WordPress web design - WebKreativ
Razorbox - Responsive WordPress web design - WebKreativ


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In general, websites are developed individually or with the help of a widely – used template – system. It is easy to guess that an individual development requires substantially more work and expertise than the tailoring of a pre-programmed, ready-made template. The cost of individually developing a very basic „entry level” website with a few page – depending of course on its complexity – would generally start from 1.000 USD and can go up to any amount. This price is not too high if you consider that a project usually involves two experts: a graphic designer, who lays out the visual appearance of the site and a programmer, who turns the design into a working website. To achieve this the programmer usually uses a content-management system that he himself developes. After the coding the website needs to be tested, which is time-consuming, and working hours need to be paid.

We on the contrary work with a ready-made system, which is constantly being developed by not one person, but a whole community. As we have not developed our own content-management system ourselves, we are not asking you to pay for it, either. We do not shuffle visual plans around for weeks. We work with a well established, good working system that is used by millions. Templates used by us are designed and developed by qualified experts, they are many times tested, bug-free premium products.

Since we save time on the larger part of the planning and programming work, we have a lot more to focus on tailoring the already well working system to your specific needs. Time between the signing of the contract and the delivery of the website is significantly reduced, so the costs are also more favourable.

Do you know what is common about these companies: Ford, Sony, Samsung, CNN, Forbes, The New York Times? Apart from being world-known companies, they all use WordPress to manage their websites. We voted for this system ourselves.

By using WordPress you will no longer need a programmer. YOU can edit and publish your webpage yourself, without having any developer background. If you have ever used a word-processing program, or wrote e-mails, the usage of WordPress will not be too much of a challenge for you.

We list in – included but not limited to – a few points some of WordPress’ most important advantages.

  • User – friendly interface, you can amend and update the entire content.
  • Search-engine friendly system, you can achieve a better ranking in websearches with its help.
  • Integrates very well with social media utitlities.
  • Easy to use built-in update facility, so that you can always be up to date with your system.
  • WordPress enables your website to develop together with your business. The system can be extendeed, you can add a webshop, a newsletter, a voting-engine to it. There are large amounts of plugins available to download to add new functions to your pages.

To you, if…

  • you would like to build a website for your startup business fast and cost effectively,
  • you would like to upload/update content yourself,
  • you had enough of waiting for weeks and months for your IT guy to finally upload your requested changes to the web,
  • you are struggling with a static website and just realised that it is a thing of the past, so you would like to have an easy-to-update, living site instead.

You will need a different solution if…

  • you need a complex website with entirely unique functions. Tailoring WordPress would most probably take the same amount of time as programming it individually.
Misconception#1: WordPress is only good for writing blogs.
This could probably have even been true back in 2003. This was when WordPress had set off primarily as a blog-engine. It has hugely grown out of this function since then. Naturally, you can still write a blog when you are using WordPress. You can also operate a business website or an online webshop without having any programming qualifications.

Misconception #2: It is too much of a „template” solution
You need not worry that your WordPress-based site will just be another one in amongst many others based on the same desing. We will develop it according to your individualised needs, and it will mirror your own business activity and the designs used in your company profile.

Misconception #3: It’s free? Then it must be poor quality…
Even though WordPress is an open-source system, it is free to download and to use, its value can not be measured by its price.

Most probably you can. Our service is not black magic, our knowledge can be acquired by most people. All you need is time, of which, as we know, most entrepreneurs have little. With our help you can avoid several stumbling-blocks, and whilst your website is being developed you can keep attending to what you are best at: managing your business.
We will design an alternative. Should you dislike the second version, too, we will refund your money, less the consultation charges.
No problem. We will create 5 pages for you, fill them out with sample texts and a couple of pictures, then you can update the content at any time you are ready. With the help of our user manual and our ever growing number of video-tutorials this should be child’s play for you.
Sure! Our price includes the full site-administration, too!
Not at all, the user interface is originally 100% English!